Pretty Vacant is a new Magazine dedicated to photography, born with the aspiration to become a reference point for those who deservingly seek space and visibility.

This is the era of Social Networks, of digital photography, of any device that gives the opportunity, more or less logic and useful, to take photographs of any quality and intention. But the plus of this historical moment, which in addition makes available infinite virtual spaces, platforms and applications to share their images, is also its own limit.

The images produced every day, so easily, are millions, perhaps billions, and with the same speed with which they are made, just as quickly are buried by thousands more, millions of images, ending in oblivion without return.

Pretty Vacant will try to give space to what is likely to go unnoticed and ignored, will try to dig into the infinite world of photography, digital and otherwise, to find what, for our questionable but unquestionable judgment, deserves to be published, shared, shown to a slightly wider audience.

Photos of professionals, amateurs, students, photos thought, studied, look for, or maybe just “casually” found, for timing, tenacity, or as inevitable as unpredictable “ass blow”. We are not looking for names and glory, we don’t make calculations, simply because we are not interested. We are interested in images, ideas, contents, creativity, stories and emotions. And of course the technique too. But we are not technical and we do not want to be so, so as not to have misunderstandings with those who have instead title to be so.

We are and we will be only narrators.